Newkraine  is a global philanthropic platform for rebuilding Ukraine.
We implement our charitable projects and support social initiatives aimed at overcoming the consequences of the war and helping Ukrainians.
Data as of April 2023
“DoLadu”. Psychological rehabilitation and assistance to the military, veterans, and their families
Psychological rehabilitation in the conditions of war
  • Start
    April 2022
  • Fundraising
    $ 312 000
  • The defenders we will help
    1200 people
1200 servicemen and women suffering mental health damage during the hostilities will receive decent, modern, evidence-based psychological assistance.
51% of the military need immediate psychological help to return to service or start their lives from scratch.
But the demand for psychological help today significantly exceeds the available resources.
Newkraine and PO “DoLadu” are implementing a charity project to provide systematic, high-quality, professional psychological rehabilitation.
Based on existing medical facilities in Ukraine, we are creating mental health centers for military and veterans.
Newkraine project implemented
Newkraine project implemented
Newkraine project implemented
New homes for Moshchun residents
Збір завершено
New homes for Moshchun residents
Newkraine has already implemented a large project to rebuild destroyed housing in the village of Moshchun, raising UAH 14.6 million thanks to the support of Ukrainians and a large donation from Oleksandr Usyk.
₴14 606 760
Right now, our country needs bold decisions and the most effective charity.
That's why Newkraine:
  • 01
    He continues to implement charitable projects to support Ukrainians who need it most.
  • 02
    It accepts applications from businesses or startups engaged in the country's recovery and looking for support.
We are supported
We are supported
We are supported
Today, a single well-placed repost can change the lives of millions of people.
That is why Newkraine's patrons are global influencers and opinion leaders ready to use their influence to help Ukraine.
Олександр Усик
Oleksandr Usyk
World and Olympic boxing championPatron of Newkraine and a caring patriot who is currently leading a project to rebuild 10 houses for residents of the village of Moshchun.
Ярослав Амосов
Yaroslav Amosov
Bellator MMA Champion and Sambo World Champion
Three-time world champion in combat sambo, two-time European champion, Eurasian champion, winner of the European Cup, winner of many competitions of national and international importance, Honored Master of Sports
Жан Беленюк
Жан Беленюк
чемпіон з греко-римської боротьби і політик
Багаторазовий чемпіон світу і Європи, чемпіон і срібний призер Олімпійських ігор. Заслужений майстер спорту України. Народний депутат IX скликання. Небайдужий патріот, що підтримав платформу Newkraine.
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