Charity in a new way Charity in a new way
Charity in a new way Charity in a new way
Charity in a new way Charity in a new way
We implemented a large project to rebuild housing for the residents of the village of Moshchun and realized something: charity can be even more effective!
So we launched the first venture philanthropy program in Ukraine and the most popular in the world.
The venture capital charity Newkraine is:
Restoring and rebuilding Ukraine
Support for infrastructure and energy
Economic and food independence from other countries
Successful investment in the top country of the future
Effective interconnected philanthropy
Creation of new jobs
Support for domestic business
How the venture capital charity Newkraine works
  • 01
    Newkraine finds entrepreneurs and startups with sound ideas to overcome the consequences of the war.
  • 02
    Top business experts audit and evaluate potential projects.
  • 03
    Newkraine raises funds to implement the best projects with the help of large foundations, grant programs, investors, and concerned citizens.
  • 04
    Young entrepreneurs will receive the necessary capital from launching businesses or startups aimed at helping the country.
  • 05
    Parts of the profits from financially successful projects are returned to Newkraine to become the basis for new charitable projects to restore Ukraine.
We will support your project if:
  • You have an excellent idea/patent/enterprise that would help Ukraine with energy, food, and reconstruction.
  • Your business plan is well-thought-out and well-founded.
  • Do you have a prototype? Great!
  • Already successfully implementing your own ideas?
    You have every chance!
  • If you recognize yourself, contact Newkraine to change Ukraine together!
Do you realize that Ukraine is an investment, economic and business hub of the future?
Please write to us to be the first to support brilliant ideas and get all the benefits of venture philanthropy.

Good deeds can be mutually beneficial.
We cooperate with the best economics, business, manufacturing, science, and state-building experts, who provide professional advice and competent evaluation of Newkraine's charitable projects.
Therefore, we take on and implement only the most necessary and promising initiatives to revive Ukraine.
Володимир Чижиков
Volodymyr Chyzhykov
Managing Partner of "A1 Consulting", CEO of CO "A1 Dopomoga".
Formerly - Director of Tax and Legal Department of KPMG in Ukraine. He has implemented more than 1000 projects on taxes and corporate finance for most companies from the TOP-100 list of Forbes.
Євген Борисенко
Yevhen Borysenko
International lawyer and attorney with years of experience.
Has handled cases in the courts of the USA, Italy and Ukraine, a data protection specialist in the UK. Owner of a legal startup and author of articles on the law and circulation of digital assets.
Володимир Чижиков
Olga Samofalova
PR and marketing specialist. The founder of the Ponies and Bridges marketing agency
15 years of PR experience. Singing worked with most Ukrainian artists, such as Tina Karol, Monatik, Kalush, AlyonaAlona. And also with world stars like Martin Scorsese, Liev Schreiber, Vera Farmiga. Lives in New York.
Ігор Козленко
Ігор Козленко
Сертифікований інженер-проектувальник за класом наслідків СС3. Сертифікований енергоаудитор.
25 років стажу у сфері будівництва.
За його участі спроєктовано, збудовано та введено в експлуатацію понад 850 000 м2 будівель та споруд.
Join Newkraine!
Join Newkraine!
We are waiting for your ideas, questions, and support
We are building a new Ukraine.~
We are building Newkraine.