Collection completed
New housing for residents of Moschun village
Last updated May 2023
1349 people donated ₴14,606,760 to help us implement this project
collection completed
We learned about the problem
At the beginning of the full-scale invasion, the village of Moshchun became one of the outposts that helped the Ukrainian Armed Forces stop the enemy on the outskirts of Kyiv.
Residents of Moshchun heroically resisted the occupiers. Instead, the enemy destroyed the houses and property of the locals.

Due to the increased public attention to larger war-affected settlements, such as Bucha or Irpin, Moshchun residents were left without the necessary support from the state and charitable organizations.

We promised ourselves that we would bring back a sense of home to the residents of Moshchun.
We found a solution
We launched a pilot project to rebuild the first 10 modular houses, which became not just temporary housing, but a full-fledged home for local families.
Raised funds
Our goal was to raise UAH 13.8 million and produce 10 modular houses.
The patron of Newkraine, who supported us with information and made a decisive contribution to the implementation of the project, was Oleksandr Usyk, world champion and Olympic boxer.
Oleksandr Usyk
World and Olympic boxing champion
He is a Newkraine patron and a caring patriot who is currently leading a project to rebuild 10 houses for residents of the village of Moshchun.
Manufactured and assembled houses
After the fundraising was completed, we turned to specialists in the manufacture of modular houses using modern technologies, planned and manufactured new homes for the residents of Moshchun.
We handed over the keys
Each of the 10 houses was created using innovative ergonomic technology and durable and safe materials.
In addition, each house is equipped with everything necessary for life: electricity and water supply, household appliances and plumbing, comfortable furniture, and cozy trinkets.

Thanks to this, modular housing has become a temporary shelter for families from Moshchun and a full-fledged home for several decades.

In case of repeated danger, modular houses must be transported to a safe place.
According to Article 17 of the Law of Ukraine On Charitable Activities and Charitable Organizations, the Newkraine charity platform reports to the State Fiscal Service, donors, patrons, and concerned Ukrainians.
The Newkraine charity platform has successfully implemented the Moshchun reconstruction project, raising the necessary funds and installing modular houses for war-affected Ukrainians according to the plan.
Modular houses are the goal
of the Moshchun project
UAH The purpose of the collection
UAH The purpose of the collection
Donations made
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Modular houses made
people were given a new place to live
pieces of furniture donated
pieces of furniture donated
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